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Many thanks for all your reception reports this morning – constant facebook notifications and many emails!!!

We have noted down the reception reports we have received (and nicked form other sources!) on this page:

Until a full 24 hours have passed, to see if there are any daily variation, nothing yet can be set in stone.

For my service area:

Early indications are that 90x100cm dishes (called 1m dishes) may be on the edge of reception, but may just about be adequate.

Early indications are that 100x110cm dishes (called 1.1m dishes) may be adequate.

Those with 1.24/1.4, 1.8m and 2.,4m dishes will have notice no changes.

Reception of BBC channels in the north east of Spain (Barcelona / Tarregona) has reduced (as was expected) for many people with “small” dishes that they have been using for the last x number of years.

Reception of BBC channels in the south and south east of Spain (Costa Del Sol, Almeria) has reduced (as was expected) for many people with “small” dishes that they have been using for the last x number of years.

Also of note is the the Irish RTE channels also moved, and so now have a similar reception as BBC channels.



It is expected that the ITV and Channel Four that are still broadcasting from the old satellite Astra 1N will be migrated to the Astra 2E UK spot beam in the next few days- maybe as early as tonight / early tomorrow morning.

This will mean that if you have already lost the BBC, you will also lose your all ITV and Channel Four channels.

Freesat and Sky boxes will equally be affected by these changes to BBC, ITV and C4. Sky boxes and Freest boxes receive their signal from the same satellites, using the same frequencies.

And in response to a question I have been asked several times today, subscribing to Sky will not make BBC channels reappear. BBC channels are not part of any sky subscription package.
Once again, many thanks for all your reception reports this morning



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  45 Responses to “Astra 2E – Loss of BBC Channel in Spain – reception reports”

  1. Hi, I live in Navarra in northern Spain – 100kms south of Pamplona, I have a 1.4m dish and this morning I lost all my BBC channels.

  2. We have lost our BBC channels here in Tarragona, will a bigger dish help? Thx

  3. Hi, we have lost BBC on the East coast of Mallorca, any idea what size dish we will need?

  4. Hi Jon,
    We have a 90×100 dish with the Black Ultra LNB you supplied us with in Playa Gandia’
    Lost all BBC today except patchy BBC Northen Ireland.
    All ITV gone except +1

    • No ITVs have moved, yet.
      So the loss of those would suggest your dish is out of alignment – maybe by the 100+kmph winds over xmas and new year.
      Which would also mean the loss of the BBCs – 90×100 is on the edge of reception.

    • We have a 120 disc in Gandia city and I lost all BBC except BBC NI but they have a poor reception. And yestarday I lost all ITV.

      • Hi
        You should have no issues with a 120 dish in Gandia. It needs to be accurately aligned, and maybe a better LNB.
        I can get all channels almost all day (not between 0100-0730 tho) on my 80cm dish just outside Gandia, so your dish should have no issues at all.

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  6. We live in Frigiliana, Nerja, Malaga. No reception of BBC with 1.4m dish. Any ideas yet if a larger dish will give a an adequate signal and what size please?

  7. Can you explain dish sizes please. Cant understand the ref to 90x100cm, 100 x 110cm and 1.25×1.4m.
    What size dish is needed in Benidoleig(nr Ondara)I am moving house soon so need to plan. At moment I have a 1.9 dish and I can still get BBC and Sky but may move to an apartment so need smaller dish (or IPTV)

    • Dish sizes are more complex than the seem.

      In most countries dish sizes are measured horizontally,.
      In Spain, they are measured vertically.
      So for most a dish measuring 90x100cm would be a 90cm dish, in Spain a 1m dish.
      And a dish measuring 125×140 would be a 1.25m dish in most countries and a 1.4m dish in Spain.
      Even more confusing, some measure the face of the dish, and others also use the outer rim also. The “1.9” you mention can be a called a 1.8m dish, until you include the outer rim, then it is a 1.9m dish.
      it is a bit early to say but it looks like a 100x110cm (1.1m) dish may be the minimum in Benidoleige

      So I try to mention the actual dish size to try and stop confusion.

  8. We are not receiving BBC or other channels on a 1.8m dish in Lanzarote

  9. We have a 3 mtr dish that we have been using to obtain English Tv in Gran Canaria, we have lost BBC at the present time and are expecting to lose ITV this week, is there any way we can receive programmes other than via the internet.

  10. Hi,i got a dish 1.2 meters,we live in mallorca on the north.

    Do i need a bigger dish to watch itv and bbc channels?

    I watch all the others like itv2 hd itv 3hd itv 4 hd,and all the itv +.

    If you can respond will be very appreciate

    Thank you very much.

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  12. Please Could You Advise .What Size Dish I would Need To Receive BBC AND ITV Channels iIn Aguillas Murcia Region ,I Have A 1.3 Dish At Present No Signal,Could Please Give A Price Regards John Horrigan

  13. From what I understand, when all the transfers have been completed to 2E, the satellite operator can tweak the beams to make them even narrower meaning even bigger dishes will lose reception in time.

    • I don’t think they can tweak the beams now, these are all when the satellite is being built. What they may be able to do is change the position of the satellite slightly, but too much will impact the UK also. And they can tweak the power levels, up or down, which can change reception levels

  14. Austria Calling

    we have lost all UK Beam Channels, using a 1.25 dish with SKYHD package, Swiss freind using 1 meter still has all channels, Olympics only on BBC RB2, will install 1.5 next week keeping fingers crossed.

  15. we live in Cuevas del Campo, Andalucia and have a 1.3 dish but have lost all BBC channels, ITV to follow, is there anything we can do to get reception, Derrick

    • Those signals have not gone.
      Those signals are still there.
      Only they are now weaker than before.
      And those channels have been lost as their current dish, that has been fine for x number of year, is now too small to receive these new weaker signals.
      So for many areas, it is simply a question of a larger dish. How larger a dish depends where you are.

  16. 20 miles inland from Ayamonte on the Costa de la Luz, all ITV, Channel 4, including Film 4 have gone overnight. Also TCM – although TCM+1 still working.

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  18. Hi, can’t find any interested guidance (other than IPTV) for size to upgrade existing dish to in the Algarve, any suggestions?

  19. 50 km north of Rome italy as from Tuesday all itv bbc chanel 4 gone

  20. we are being told we can add a small box to our existing small dish here in Tarragona and recover all lost channels, any thoughts? Thx

    • No special box can magically get your channels back if your dish is too small to receive the signals in the first place.
      If your dish is too small to receive the signals only upgrading to a larger dish will get them back.
      If your dish is too small to receive the signals getting a new receiver will not help, as they can only work with signals they can receive.

  21. All BBC channels lost in Madeira on 1.8 and even 2.4m dishes. Receiving C4 Ireland and ITV 2, 3, 4 C5 on sky subscription

  22. Are the BBC and ITV channels available in Marbella via SKY or Freesat ?

    • BBC and ITV channels are all free to air.
      So Sky and Freesat boxes can receive them.
      Channels on Sky boxes and Freesat boxes use the same satellites and the same signals.
      So usually if you cannot receive a channel on a Freesat box, it is unlikely you will do so on a Sky box.

      That said, yes the signals are still available in the Marbella area, but you require a very large satellite dish to receive them…maybe a 2-3m dish…?

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