Feb 072014

ITV have said that their channels will move to Astra 2E on Tuesday 11th February.

As part of the satellite operator’s on-going renewal programme, our services will transfer to a new satellite with a tighter beam on Tuesday. The new satellite footprints have been designed to meet the requirements of
broadcasters who distribute their channels in the UK and hold broadcasting rights for the UK but not for other countries. Viewers in the UK will not be affected by the changes.

Expect reception of many ITV channels to be similar to that of BBC channels that moved this week.


  4 Responses to “ITV channels to move satellite on Tuesday 11th February”

  1. Many thanks ???

  2. Hi, all my ITV’s and C4 disappeared last night, I’m in Pinar de Campoverde, Costa Blanca south, with a 1 meter dish.

  3. Bbc and itv signals dropped from 80% to 47% in alicante. Still able to receive on my 110cm dish but bbc one hd Scotland and bbc two hd Wales are much stronger than the England counterparts. Actually receive Much more channels especially hd and movies than before, so a bonus here.

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