Feb 112014

As expected the remaining ITVS and C4s that were on Astra 1N have now also moved to the UK beams on the Astra 2E satellite.

Signal reception of these is now similar to bbc channels that moved last week.

This means that many areas of southern Spain, like the Costa del Sol , and the Barcelona area, will see a change in reception using their current satellite dishes. So along with any BBC channels that were lost last week, they may now have lost a large number of ITV and Channel 4 channels.

For my service area reception, although slightly weaker, is still available on dishes of at least 1m.


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  11 Responses to “ITVs and Channel 4 move satellites- reception changes and potential loss in southern Spain – again!”

  1. Hi! Like most people, we have lost all BBC, ITV and Channel 4 channels now in northern Catalonia (near the French border). Any news about how we can get them again other than via the Internet (Filmon, etc.)? Many thanks in advance! Sheila

  2. Good reception of ITV channels with 1.8m dish in Porreres Mallorca (SE)

  3. Hi, Further to my email saying that we were not receiving BBC on our 1 metre dish. The ITV channels went off this morning, but when I put the TV on tonight after 11.00 pm lots of the channels were back on….ITV1, Ch4, Ch5, ITV3, ITV1,2,3,4,plus 1, Film 4, More 4, etc. They were not on at teatime. Any idea why?

    • Satellite signals are not constant.
      The can change for a number of reasons – “satellite wobble” – as although the satellites are in geostationary orbit, the earth is not perfectly round…so their beams can “move”. Also perhaps gravity pull from the sun and moon affect the satellites slightly. Also, we have noticed around 5-6pm, there is a small drop in signal levels, for whatever reason, and this may result in a loss of channels on dishes that are working on the very limits.

  4. does the Dune media tv box work to give tv to my tv screen

  5. Hi all been ok with new satellite untill last night when I lost itv hd everything else is fine does anyone know why

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