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Well, as per our previous post – – it was expected that the BeIN Sports channels would go “secure” on the 31st January 2014.

However, for whatever reason, these changes did not take place.

They will now take place on the 1st March 2014.

Going “secure” means that certain BeIN Sports channels will only be able to be watched when the cards are registered to an official JSC / BeIN receiver.

BeIN Sports have been announcing that the following channels will be lost if you do not register your receiver are:

BeIN HD 10
BeIN HD 11
BeIN HD 12
BeIN HD 13
BeIN HD 14
BeIN HD 15

YOur BeIN / JSC SPorts viewing card will have to be registered to a dedicated BeIN receiver, which are :

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Receivers – Humax IR3000 HD

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Receivers – Humax Free HD

Stocks of these receivers are low due to the high demand.
It is thought that these receiver will continue to work with any future BeIN Sports viewing cards.
Reports are that all “JSC Sports” branded viewing cards will cease to work after 31st May, and new BeIN Viewing cards will have to be used.


More information on the BeIn Sports channels and the receiver registration and their availability of the 3pm Saturday afternoon premier league kick offs available via this link.


More information as soon as we get it.
BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Channels

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera viewing cards

BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera Satellite Frequencies Badr 26 East and Nilesat 7 West

Live Football on BeIN Sports / Al Jazeera


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  68 Responses to “BeIN Sports – Channels to go “secure” 1st March 2014”

  1. Please send the code to my phon no+967 xxx219784

    • Which code do you want – bearing in mind I am NOT BeIN Sports!
      If you want to access the BeIN channels you need to registered your card and receiver on tthe BeIn website.

    • Am using the small receiver but the HD chennels are not working please i need your help

      • What “small” receiver?
        If it is an official BeIN or one of the Al Jazeera that are supported, then you need to register your receiver and card at the BeIn website to get your channels back.
        If you do not have one of the supported receivers then you will not get the channels back until you do.

  2. My receiver did not work

  3. I am using hd humax resiver s/n 42001633751 but it stops , I am using less than a year so how can I amend it to get the lost bein channel

  4. i like it sports and better to continue.

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  6. Evev my card is registered HD channel s not card no is 42914xxxxxx (card number removed!)

    • In which case your registration did not work, and so you need to contact BeIN Sports to help.
      I have also edited the card number from your post – as it is not a good idea to post card numbers on the internet!

  7. i bought card number 42807xxxxxx for one year now +9 and +10 channels closed what should we do please help

    • As per the main post, to continue to receive the BeIN channels you need to register your card with an officially supported receiver on the BeIN website.

      I have also edited the card number from your post – as it is not a good idea to post viewing card numbers on the internet –

  8. I am not have card how I get free services of bein sport channel please help me

  9. i renewed my smart card until May 31 2014 but due to your cheating habit lost now two channels it is not fair you should have to tell people befoer they renew but to cancle the aggrement i

  10. bein sports HD

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  12. How can I get a receiver for beinsports? I am in Saudi Arabia please give me information.

  13. I bought an Al Jazeera card for the sports channels, then you took over them, now I have lost all the money that I paid for them how can I get my money back?

    • As I am nothing to do with BeIN Sports, I did not “take over them”.

      BeIN did not take over “Al Jazeera Sports”, it was only a rebrand from Al Jazeera Sports to BeIN Sports.
      If you are unhappy then contact BeIN Sports.

  14. Plz tell me wt is website of beinsport to register card and recievers.and
    Tell me the imformation i have my shop of seettlite telecomes in Muscat Oman .
    Rand i need to know about recharg of beinsport cards of people s.
    How i can do it plz.

  15. Hello. Do you have info on the three new beIN receivers? The model numbers would do.

    I recently purchased the Humax IR3000HD box for like $200 and that felt awful, since I realised afterwards that in the UAE it costs about $120. What a pity!

    To add insult to injury, my local (Jordanian) dealer failed to inform me that new receivers would be released as soon as a few days after my purchase! I even directly asked! At the time they had one of those three for sale. That one was very basic and had almost no additional features, so I opted for the older IR3000HD, which at least has recording capabilities.

    I am also worried that my $200 box would cease to work next season, although my awesome dealer went to great lengths to calm these worries. I would be a fool to believe those mongrels…

    You may know that the IR3000HD is not such a great receiver. Channel surfing is painfully slow and it only has wired LAN onboard, which is so 19th century…

    Thank you very much in advance for any help you can provide.

  16. my name is hagar so far i have a humax hd so where is new chanells specially english studio richard key and andy gray for barclays premier league new i don’t see new chanells are not avialabe

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  18. aylove watche hd beinsports hd1 HD2HD3HD4HD5HD6HD7HD8HD9HD10HD11HD12HD13HD14HD15

  19. Is there any channel live English(bareclaye) premiere league live tv channel Bein sport channel on nilesat 107 7’e if there is what its frequency ,symbolrate & it’s biss keys

  20. my freinds see highlight in arbasat,can i see in nilesat or oth
    er method?

  21. my reciever supermax can not watch beinsport free news said HD channels how to arrange

    • On Nilesat Bein Sports News SD is on 12284 V DVB-S SR 27500 FEC 3/4 – This is NOT in HD this is in SD, so any receiver should be able to receive it.

      Bein Sports News in HD is on 12245 V – which any HD receiver should be able to receive – again it is free to air.

      If you cannot even get the SD version, then you have a problem with your system or receiver somewhere.

  22. I don’t see EPL on SD channels on the last two weeks,due to i didn’t have HD receviers, what a shame for bein sport , you should respect your customers which have only access to SD channels at least until the end of the season, otherwise we don’t trust bein sport in the future.

    • The SD channel show the same programmes as the HD channels.
      The name of the channels is BeIN SPorts 1 HD, and is shown in both SD and HD – even thought the name says HD.
      Tonights is on 1 and 11
      Tomorrow games are on 1,11 and 4,

      • Thank you very much for your swift reply!! In the last three weeks on the weekend EPL and FA cup semifinals not broadcasted through SD channels, but we can watch EPL games on week days, Please forward this message to the technical person responsible for broadcasting of Foot ball games, we have the right to watch all games on SD channels.
        Intially you are responsible before shifting to HD, you have to make bein sport receviers accessable and available.

        with Regards,

        • The SD channels show the same content as the HD channels.
          They do not show different content.
          For example one of tonights matches – everton v palace is on BeIN PSorts 4 HD – which is available in both HD and SD.
          The same goes for tonights other match – city v sunderland – it is on BeiN Sports 1, and 11.
          But there is no SD version of Being Sports 11, only HD.

          “Please forward this message to the technical person responsible for broadcasting of Foot ball games, we have the right to watch all games on SD channels.
          Intially you are responsible before shifting to HD, you have to make bein sport receviers accessable and available.”

          Again, I am nothing to do with BeIN Sports. I am not responsible for the programming or scheduling of BeIN Sports. If you want to complain to Bein sports do so using the contact details on the BeIn SPorts website.

          • Thank you again, Please check the weekend games, we don’t have any problems broadacsting on week days (monday to Friday), the problem is on saturday and sunday EPL games.

          • BeIn SPorts 11 is only in HD (in English) . But the games on 11 are usually also transmitted on another BeIN channels, which are in both SD and HD, in Arabic.
            eg spurs v Fulham on Saturday is on 11 (only in hd in English) and on 9 – in SD and HDm in Arabic
            Cardiff stoke on Saturday is on 11 (only in hd in English) and on 9 – in SD and HD in Arabic.
            Chelsea Sunderland on Saturday is on 11 (only in hd in English) and on 9 – in SD and HD in Arabic.
            All three Sunday games are on 11 (only in hd in English) and on 9 – in SD and HD in Arabic.

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  24. I didn’t access 12284 frequency on Nile sat,because it doesn’t scan this channels, What can i do to acceess this frequency?

  25. me siento engañado por aljazeera, pongan la escusa que pongan, no han protegido a sus clientes, esto es un engaño. Para olvidarse de ALJAZEERA.

  26. I am living USA how I get bein sport package I have global boxe but i can not watch premier league
    Please let me know how I can get bein sport package….

    • I don’t think BeIN Sports satellite signals will reach the USA…so you will not get them that way.

      In the US NBC Sports have the Premier League rights for the next few seasons…

  27. what is the future of Humax HD receviers after introducing Bein HD receviers?

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  29. I am using the humax HD free but the HD chanals are not working

  30. “Pls i heard that from may 31st that all branded viewing jsc card will cease to wor and another card will be brought in” i want to confirm pls.

  31. recever regarder beinsport

  32. recever regarder beinsport a television internet

  33. can’t we use any reciever to get the channels or their are specific recievers?

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  35. Hi just a quick question. Seen that you are talking about BEIN …We have a BEIN box and just wondered if it is possible to receive ITV, BBC, CHANNEL FOUR ETC ETC…If so how would we get it…many thanks Tracey

    • BeIN do not carry BBC ITV C4 and Fives.

      BeIN Mena are for Middle East and North Africa. They will not have the broadcast right to carry BBC ITV C4s and Fives. And they operate on different satellite to to UK TV.

      But if you ahev a dish aligned for both BeiIN and UK TV, then I think it is possible to receiver both using your BeIN box, using the options for diseqc and multisatellite options in the install menu.

  36. how to beibsports old card and reciver transfer new reciver

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