Internet TV / IPTV in Spain – picture quality issues and buffering? — 5 Comments

  1. Yes starting to notice the same problems in . sao bras de alportel Portugal. I am told that the problem is to much people using the internet.god knows What’s going to happen when the summer holidays start. With kids of school holiday makers arriving.

  2. Even more buffering
    Was reading this from a website today.does this mean they can trace the service back to a individual subscribers private address

    Updated Tuesday, 4th March, 2014
    An unconfirmed report suggests that one IPTV server for Spain is located in Odessa, Ukraine, just 200km across the Black Sea from now-occupied Crimea.
    A user has carried out a “trace route” which shows the IPTV streams are being sent from a server in Odessa. Head end equipment to feed pirated TV to IPTV boxes across the world is openly available in Russia.
    A trace route uses the IP address system to identify the servers used and the hops between them. The reported end-quality suggests that BBC, ITV, C4 and C5 channels are re-encoded in Odessa, then sent to subscribers in Spain.

    • I am sure their servers will log IP addresses when their users connect…so it is simply tracing those IP addressed back to their providers and then onto subscribers.

  3. Thanks for the info.
    I was thinking the same especially with using catchup/recording facility for individuals preferences.

    Possiblle bigger cracks will be appearing on screen then.i was reading some where that some service privider of iptv
    Was watching subscription customers through there smart tv web camera in there private home.Very scary

  4. Sao brass de portel Portugal
    Just reading this information from a website regarding iptv pictures

    One of the outcomes of the BBC and ITV loss in Spain and Portugal a month ago has been the rush to view online, resulting in problems in areas with low broadband speeds.
    With huge numbers of people watching TV on the internet, speeds in the evenings have taken a hit, often up to a tenth of those achieved in the mornings.
    For some, this has meant that the internet is not the solution to BBC loss. Instead, they have suffered blocky pictures, disconnections and errors.
    Many viewers who have switched to the internet and have reasonable speeds may soon be receiving over-use warnings, having exceeded download limits.

    The summer as not even started yet

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