Feb 272014

Sky Sports and BT confirm live Premier League TV schedule for April 2014

Manchester City v Southampton – Saturday 5 April, 12.45pm (BT Sport)

Chelsea v Stoke City – Saturday 5 April, 5.30pm (Sky Sports)

Everton v Arsenal – Sunday 6 April, 1.30pm (Sky Sports)

West Ham United v Liverpool – Sunday 6 April, 4pm (Sky Sports)

Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland – Monday 7 April, 8pm (Sky Sports)

Arsenal v West Ham United – Sunday 13 April, midday (Sky Sports)

Liverpool v Manchester City – Sunday 13 April, 2.05pm (Sky Sports)

Swansea City v Chelsea – Sunday 13 April, 4.10pm (Sky Sports)

Tottenham Hotspur v Fulham – Saturday 19 April, 12.45pm (BT Sport)

Hull City v Arsenal – Saturday 19 April, 5.30pm (Sky Sports)

Norwich City v Liverpool – Sunday 20 April, midday (Sky Sports)

Chelsea v Sunderland – Sunday 20 April, 2.05pm (Sky Sports)

Everton v Manchester United – Sunday 20 April, 4.10pm (Sky Sports)

Manchester City v West Bromwich Albion – Monday 21 April, 8pm (Sky Sports)

Southampton v Everton – Saturday 26 April, 12.45pm (BT Sport)

Manchester United v Norwich City – Saturday 26 April, 5.30pm (Sky Sports)

Sunderland v Cardiff City – Sunday 27 April, midday (Sky Sports)

Liverpool v Chelsea – Sunday 27 April, 2.05pm (Sky Sports)

Crystal Palace v Manchester City – Sunday 27 April, 4.10pm (Sky Sports)

Arsenal v Newcastle United – Monday 28 April, 8pm (Sky Sports)


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