Mar 022014

As per our previous posts:

many BeIN Sports channels on Nilesat 7 West and Badr/ Es’hail 1  at 25.5° East went secure.

Going “secure” means that certain BeIN Sports channels will only be able to be watched when the cards are registered to an official JSC / BeIN receiver.


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  8 Responses to “BeIN Sports channels go “secure” 1st March 2014”

  1. I want register my reciever.

  2. I steped up till the log in bar comes pls help me by giving the log in id

  3. Hi Satandpcguy
    Very useful Blog this is!

    Do you know if any of the new Humax-Bein receivers (namely the IRHD-1000s piece) have some sort of a built-in GPS that tracks location ?

    I’m asking because many dealers offer the combined Receiver&card to purchase online, but i’m located in a country that isn’t in the Mena region and I wouldn’t want to pay good money only to see my card being locked soon after.

    the Dealer says he registers the card with the receiver in his country (Jordan) and ships it- and then I should just plug it to my sattelite dish cable and it should work . would there be any way of tracking the location of the receiver if I don’t connect it to the internet?


    • I do not think the new BeIN cards or receivers have any tracking in them. The only way BeIN will know if you are using a card outside the MENA area will be if you tell them.

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