Apr 182014

The 2014 Formula One season continues this weekend with round four from the Shanghai International Circuit in China.

Round Four Coverage:

The action gets underway on Friday with the first practice session at 3am – Sky Sports F1 will be live on air from 2:45am.

The second practice session, live on Sky Sports F1, begins at 6:45am.

At 11am on Friday morning, Natalie Pinkham and Ted Kravitz will host the F1 Show live from Shanghai.

Then on Saturday, Sky Sports F1 will be live on air from 3:45am for the third practice session, followed by the qualifying show at 6am.

Suzi Perry will present highlights of qualifying from 1.15pm on BBC One HD (Chinese Grand Prix subscription free coverage)

Sunday morning sees live coverage of the Grand Prix on Sky Sports F1 from 6:30am, while the BBC will have highlights on BBC One at 2.30pm.

TV Schedule

Friday 18 April

2:45am – 1st Practice Session – Live – Sky Sports F1
6:45am – 2nd Practice Session – Live – Sky Sports F1
11am – The F1 Show – Live – Sky Sports F1

Saturday 19 April

3:45am – 3rd Practice Session – Live – Sky Sports F1
6am – Qualifying – Live – Sky Sports F1
1.15pm – Qualifying – Highlights – BBC One

Sunday 20 April

6.30am – Chinese Grand Prix – Live – Sky Sports F1
2.30pm – Chinese Grand Prix – Highlights – BBC One


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