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How can I watch Freeview in Spain?

The simple answer is that you cannot watch freeview in Spain.

This is because you cannot receive the freeview signals in Spain.


Freeview is transmitted in the UK by the local TV transmitters and is received by a TV aerial.

The freeview transmissions from the TV transmitter masts simply do not reach Spain. In fact the freeview transmissions do not actual cover the UK 100% either!

The nearest freeview transmitter to Spain is in the Channel Islands. But again the transmission from this mast are simply not strong enough to reach Spain.

So you cannot receive freeview in Spain.

More information on freeview available here:


However, many of the channels on freeview are available on Freesat, which is available in Spain.

Freesat is transmitted from satellites and are received using a satellite dish. Freesat was designed to help in provide digital TV in the UK for areas that could not receive freeview signals.

More information on freeview available here:


Freeview is not the same as Freesat – a common misconception. Even by some satellite installers here in Spain do not know the difference and still to this day advertise freeview as being available in Spain.



  One Response to “How to watch freeview in Spain?”

  1. Hi,

    You can watch freeview in Spain but NOT directly.

    I can watch my freeview in uk via my slingbox.

    Not ideal but came in handy when torresat [i think it was] collapsed in 2008?

    I am interested in Freesat and live in Torrevieja near Carrefour.

    I want to watch mainly BBC1. BBC2 & BBC4, ITV CH4 etc occasionally.

    Have a good week

    Thanks for all your sites info


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