Apr 262014

If you are using an illegal card sharing system to receive your Sky channels, then you ,may have noticed you have this week lost a few HD channels.

Channels gone so far..

Sky Arts 1 HD
Sky Arts 2 HD
National Geographic UK
History HD
Crime HD

This is due to new encryption being deployed by Sky and their encryption service to try and combat the illegal sharing of their channels on these card sharing systems.

For people receiving their Sky TV using cardsharing, the lost of these HD channels will be just the start. You can expect further Sky HD channels to be lost in the coming weeks.

Just one of the “problems” that the providers and installers of these systems may not have mentioned to you when you got the system.

The channels are still available in Standard Definition (SD).

Channels continue to work fine with an official Sky card in an official Sky box.




This is taken from a post on another forum

A good friend of mine works for Sly technical department has just confirmed that Sky have issued a statement this week
advising that “Starting from Today Thursday April 24th 2014 all HD subscription channels will begin changing codec and broadcasting streams to allow for thier new Mpeg 5 EPG system to be launched and added to all HD paired boxes via software upgrades ”

“This new feature similar to that of digital Saorview interactive text and features will take effect from today and will allow users in the immediate future to fully enjoy the new interactive teletext functions to become a main feature going forward into 2015 and beyond ”


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  6 Responses to “Sky HD channels lost from cardsharing systems”

  1. will we ever get h.d viewing with cardsharing again

  2. Today my cccam got problem with sky sd channels, even sd channels are out of acccess, any one else?

    • Yes Sky Italia SD channels are now starting to be removed from cardsharing systems – so presumable a move to the same functionality will be made for Sky UK and Sky Germany….

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