What is the best LNB to use for satellite TV in Spain? Inverto Black Ultra LNB? — 3 Comments

  1. Hi can you advise me please, I live in Valencia and have a 125cm new dish it works perfectly when the sat cable is connected directly to the TV but when I try to tune in the freesat {Humax 1100s} box which is also new its saying weak or no signal and not picking up any UK tv channels, I’m sure its something simple im missing !!!

    • If the sat tuner in the TV is getting channels, then in theory the Freesat box should also.
      When you do the freesat install wizard, does it find a signal to progress through the wizard? If not then either your box has gone, your cable connection is not goo, your LNB is not good, or your dish is not aligned for the Freesat signal.

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