May 052014

Further to our previous post:

Spain’s broadcasters have switched off the signal of nine DTT channels, in compliance with the Supreme Court’s ruling that set a May 6 deadline to close down the stations.

Atresmedia has closed down three channels, Xplora, Nitro and La Sexta 3; Mediaset, two, La Siete and Nueve; Veo TV and Net TV, two each.

The move has reduced the Spanish DTT market by over a third, from 24 channels to 15.

The situation could worsen should the Supreme Court accept an appeal which argues that eight further DTT channels obtained their licence unlawfully.

The government’s decision to switch off the TV channels in Spain followed a ruling by Spain’s Supreme Tribunal, which said that the last bid for licences in 2010 didn’t follow correct procedure or respect all the rules of competition.


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