May 182014

If you have recently lost the Paramount Channel on Spanish TV then this is because it has moved to a new frequency.

A rescan on your TDT TV or TDT set top box, should find the Paramount Channel again.

The Paramount Channel is a free TV channel on Spain digital terrestrial network.

It shows classic movies and series from the Paramount back catalogue.

Many of the programmes and movies are available in English, as well as dubbed Spanish.

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  6 Responses to “Paramount Channel – Spanish TV”

  1. I have retuned my TV but have still lost paramount channel? Any suggestions:(

    • The original post was made in May 2014, and things may have changed since then.

      But if you have rescanned and cannot receive it, then either your aerial is not 100% aligned, or that channel is not available in your area…?

      • I have a English smart TV but it won’t tune in to the frequency 682000 paramount channel Any suggestions why?

        • I have no idea where you are, so are you sure that Paramount is on 682mhz where you are? As on many transmitters in my area it is not on that – for most that I have seen it is on 674 MHz, unless you are getting it from a repeater.
          Are you getting the other channel on that frequency?

          • Hi
            sorry for posting this complaint so late but Why cant i change the langyage to english? all the movies and shows on paramount tv are dubbed in spanish and when i change the audio to english it stays in spanish..
            kind regards

          • Whilst on the Paramount channel, you either have to press the audio button on the remote, or go into the menu system on the TV, to change the audio.

            However, some channels do not use the word “English” for the original audio…preferring to use “VO” for Version Original”, or “MUL” for Multilanguage as not everything the show is in English.

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