May 202014

As we reported on ITV will be launching a new channel on the Sky pay service.

ITV Encore will launch on the 9th June 2014.

ITV Encore will be available to Sky customers on Sky channel 123.

In the last few days test transmission have started for ITV Encore on Astra 2E.

ITV Encore test transmission frequency :





The channels is currently tagged as 10135.

A “+1” service is also anticipated, but no mention of a HD service.


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  2 Responses to “ITV Encore starts tests on Astra 2E”

  1. I pressed channed 123 it said channel unavailable I also went to add channel got itv encore but when I go to watch it it says this programme is not available can you help me out please

    • ITV Encore is on 123.
      ITV Encore is not free, it is a sky subscription channel, and needs an active Sky subscription viewing card.
      I dare say you do not have this, and have a “blue” card or no card in your sky box.

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