May 242014, the internet site that streams channels mainly from pay TV sports channels, has been “suspended” by Police.

When trying to access the website, users are presented with a message from City Of London Police :

You have tried to access a website that is under criminal investigation by the UK:
Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)
This site is being investigated for online copyright infringement. police notice

Cricfree streams live sports from TV channels, mainly from Pay TV channels.

cricfree may still be available using other domain names, although it is that has been suspended

Could this be the start of the end of these free streams websites, especially when they stream pay tv channels?
Will this affect XBMC Android and Pi users that use such streams for sports channels in the future?


  2 Responses to “ internet streaming site “suspended” by Police”

  1. If youtube is legitimate wesite that can stream live sports channels concerts and other world content why is it then illegal for live streaming sports? all should be legitimate and if is legal for one (youtube) then it should be legitimate for all! who cares about billionaires trying to make more money. thats all it is all about money. i’ve got nothing against youtube but just using this website as an example to justify myself.

    • Because some youtube channels PAY for the content and rights to show them on youtube.
      EG the ECB show test matches on their youtube they OWN their own rights!

      But services like cricfree do not pay ANYTHING to the content owners for the rights – and showing content without payment or the providers permission is illegal…hence why they are taken down.

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