Jun 042014

Next batch of Sky HD channels lost on cardshare systems

Further to the last post on this subject ( ), yesterday another round of Sky HD channels are no longer available on cardsharing systems.

Sky Movies Family HD
Sky Movies Showcase HD
Sky Movies Drama HD
Sky Movies Thriller HD
Sky Movies Greats HD
Sky Movies Select HD

The current list of Sky HD channels no longer available on cardshare system is:
Sky 1 HD
Sky living HD
Sky Atlantic HD
History HD
Crime HD
National Geographic UK HD
Nat Geo Wild HD
Sky Arts 1 HD
Sky Arts 2 HD
Sky Premier HD
Sky Sci Fi / Horror HD
Sky Disney HD
Sky Family HD
Sky Showcase HD
Sky Drama HD
Sky Thriller HD
Sky Greats HD
Sky Select HD

Expect more in the coming weeks, maybe the Sky Sports HD channels are next…


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  5 Responses to “Next batch of Sky HD channels lost on cardshare systems”

  1. have a sky box and a l metre dish and up until recently they worked fine. I now have lost most channels although still have sky news I have been advised tha the dish needs religning and then sky box will work again. Do you agree or will the same thing happen again

    • If you are using card share for your sky channels then the loss of channel is down to the change in encryption and the way Sky is clamping down on piracy. Installers may sell these illegal card sharing system, with the lure of “cheap sky tv”, but when channels are lost they do seem to not want to answer their phones…. strange eh…?

      If you mean loss of channels like BBC and ITV, which are nothing to do with Sky, or cardsharing, which is what this post is about, since they are free, then your problems are down to dish size. In many areas a “1m” dish (probably a 90x100cm dish) is below the minimum required for such channels. Realigning may help, but the issue is down to dish size, your is too small…

      • Just a matter of time before hakers get new systems encrypted back on the card sharing world again.
        Card sharing is not made for getting a bargain but more for the robin hood style. why sky are selling pakages for around £80 a month when you can get if £10 a month? sky is the rip off ! not card sharing suppliers.

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