Jun 192014

The BBC Red Button Sports Streams have appeared on Freesat and Sky channel lists.

There is also a single HD Red Button service.

The BBC are providing some temporary streams to cover the sports and events over the summer, including Wimbledon, Commonwealth Games, Glastonbury Formula One and the Football World Cup.

BBC RB 0 – 980 – Only during Commonwealth Games and then only 1900-0530.

BBC RB 1 – 981

BBC RB 2 – 982

BBC RB 3 – 983

BBC RB 4 – 984

BBC RB 5 – 985

BBC RB HD – 986 – Sky+HD and Freesat HD only


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  2 Responses to “BBC Red Button Sports Streams – Sky and Freesat Channel numbers”

  1. having lost bbc ireland channel ,bbc parliment etc rumour has it that other channel numbers are available if one only has a 1 mtr dish we also used to have challange channel
    being on limited budget the thought that indeed we could get back what we have lost would be good should also be said that neither of us are technical minded
    i liked your web site even if i did not understand it all

    • “rumour has it that other channel numbers are available if one only has a 1 mtr dish” – depends where you are in Spain. Reception varies so much around Spain not many places can receive BBC on a 1m dish….

      “we also used to have challange channel” – challenge moved satellites, to a much weaker beam on an older satellite – even in my service area is may not be available 24/7 even on a 2.4m dish…. hopefully that will change when it moved to the final new uk tv satellite later this year.

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