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BeIN Sports and the 3pm Saturday Kick offs – latest news. — 4 Comments

  1. Me thinks Richard Keyes told a little porky!! But do you think I could ask them what game I want on at 3pm on a Saturday if I ask nicely, and don’t tell them I am female?? lol

  2. How about countries like Dubai or the US where all 3pm kick offs are shown? The PL should allow their own domestic channels (i.e. sky) to broadcast 3pm kick offs if they are worried about people streaming online.

    • I also do not understand if they are stopping BeIn from access to all 3pms that they paid for, but not NBC Sports which are also used for the free streaming sites…
      Maybe it is to do with the fact that with the large enough dish some BeIN channels can be received in the south of England…

      The 3pm UK TV blackout is a UEFA (I think) thing to protect crowds at lower leagues. The theory is that is all PL 3pms were available to watch live on TV, people would not go to lower league matches, preferring to watch live PL instead. How true that would be I don’t know. Or move the PLs to other times at the weekend (they do with so many matches already for TV and European cup schedules)… and let the lower leagues have 3pms Saturday.

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