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Astra 2G – final new UK TV satellite – launch information update — 7 Comments

    • Yes 2G will affect Spain.
      Some areas may notice no change, others change for the better, others change for the worse.
      All depends where you are in Spain, what sized dish you have and which 2G beam (UK or European) channels are moved to.

  1. Will this affect Cyprus (eastern side)? I lost everything a few months ago – as did the rest of us in our block of flats – probably a dish problem. Trying to decide on whether to get it repaired or cancel my subscription if there is no hope of getting any channels anyway.


    • Astra 2G is expected to have the same specification as the previous two new UK TV satellites – 2E and 2F.
      So if you are unable to receive anything from 2E and 2F in your area of Cyprus, then it will be unlikely you can receive anything from the new satellite also.

  2. hi
    I live in north Tenerife we get lots more channels than we did 3 years ago
    but no itv bbc or channel 5 what can we expect when 2g starts to broadcast

    thanks henry

    • BBC ITV C4s and Fives are not expected to move from their current satellites (2Ee and 2F) to 2G, so you can expect pretty much the same as to day as regards to their reception.
      It is thought the Sky pay and less popular free channels on Astra 2A and Eutelsat 28a will move to 2G when it becomes operational later this year. Where you are you may see some changes in reception, some channels maybe for the better, some for the worst – see the current Sky pay channels as a guide.

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