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BBC Satback Intelsat 907 at 27.5 west – reception problems?

On Sunday 21st September, signals from the BBC Satback satellite Intelsat 907 at 27.5 west were fluctuating wildly.

For around 30-50 minutes there were no signals from this satellite.

And when they returned signal levels were still fluctuating.

This will be a small cause for concern for some expats on the Costa del Sol and Portugal areas who want their UK TV – and who have invested in this system.

Was this just a temporary glitch? Or is this something else – like changes in the Biss code key encryption?


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  9 Responses to “BBC Satback Intelsat 907 at 27.5 west – reception problems?”

  1. Intelsat 907 lost earth lock at aprox 7:30am GMT. A scheduled manouver was being performed. Earth lock has now been restored.

  2. The company I represent is an Intelsat client. I came across your Twitter post because I was searching to see if there was any news about the outage before I got the official announcement from Intelsat.

    Extract from email sent to Intelsat clients after service was restored:

    “Dear IS-907 Customer,

    Today, Sunday 21 September at approximately 07:31GMT, IS-907 experienced a pitch error during a scheduled station keeping maneuver, resulting in loss of earth lock. Satellite Operations sent commands to recover satellite and restore earth lock successfully.

    Intelsat RF and Managed Services operations confirmed C-Band customer recovery beginning at approximately at 08:50GMT, and KU Band beginning at approximately 09:00GMT.

    More detailed updates will follow after investigation of anomaly.

    We apologize for service interruption and thank you for your patience during commanding recovery of earth lock.”

  3. Intelsat 907 Key change today 2.30pm

    • Thanks for that.
      Not near a system at the moment, but wonder how long it will be until the new codes are located.
      One installer has “guaranteed” they will get them within 3 hours of them changing.

  4. Rumour was 20 minutes to get the codes using a play station ?

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  6. Somthing like that ?

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