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BBC Satback Intelsat 907 at 27.5 west – reception problems? — 9 Comments

  1. The company I represent is an Intelsat client. I came across your Twitter post because I was searching to see if there was any news about the outage before I got the official announcement from Intelsat.

    Extract from email sent to Intelsat clients after service was restored:

    “Dear IS-907 Customer,

    Today, Sunday 21 September at approximately 07:31GMT, IS-907 experienced a pitch error during a scheduled station keeping maneuver, resulting in loss of earth lock. Satellite Operations sent commands to recover satellite and restore earth lock successfully.

    Intelsat RF and Managed Services operations confirmed C-Band customer recovery beginning at approximately at 08:50GMT, and KU Band beginning at approximately 09:00GMT.

    More detailed updates will follow after investigation of anomaly.

    We apologize for service interruption and thank you for your patience during commanding recovery of earth lock.”

    • Thanks for that.
      Not near a system at the moment, but wonder how long it will be until the new codes are located.
      One installer has “guaranteed” they will get them within 3 hours of them changing.

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