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ITVBe – a new mainly female-oriented channel from ITV

ITVBe will launch on 8 October 2014

It will be “free to air” and so will be available on both Freesat and Sky.

It will be the new home of the ITV2 semi-reality show The Only Way Is Essex.


ITVBe will launch on Wednesday October 8th, and the launch night will feature Welcome to ITVBe, a one off celebration of everything on the new channel; a special edition of The Only Way is Essex set in Ibiza; and TOWIE: All Back To Essex, a one off special spin-off.

Presenters Peter Andre and Jamelia will present Welcome to ITVBe and bring you all the gossip and glamour from our launch party. The show will feature action from the celebrity bash, interviews on the sofa and an exclusive premiere of Celebrity Dinner Date, featuring Joe Swash.

What’s going to be on ITVBe?
The “female-skewing” channel has announced details about some of the programmes it will be showing:
•The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) – the new, exclusive home of the scripted reality show.
•Baby wears Prada – factual series showing extraordinary ways to spoil children and the families with deep enough pockets to pay for it all.
•Real Housewives Of… currently on ITV2, ITVBe will also show a UK version of the US franchise: Real Housewives Of Cheshire.
•Dinner Date – transfers from ITV to a peak-time ITVBe slot.
•Seven Days With… – following the lives of celebrity couples through the course of a week.


Test transmissions for ITVBe can be found on frequency 10758 V 22000 5/6 (10075) – but it is simply showing a promotional trailer on a loop.

So far no channel numbers have been announced.


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  1. i understand that the new iyv channel itvbe will be on number 155 on the freesat system.

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