Sep 232014

“BBC Satback” users…mainly in the south of Spain and Portugal who use this service for a limited UK TV channels.

You will have lost your channels for the moment, as there was a key change at about 14:10 today.

So you will have to wait until the keys are known again before you can view your channels again on this system.

BBC Satback Biss Codes


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  4 Responses to “Intelsat 907 “BBC Satback” 27.5 West – Biss Key Code change today 23 Sept 2014”

  1. Do you know if there is any substance to the rumour of “Powervu” encryption being tested by Arqiva and scheduled for implementation 3rd Oct

    • There have always been rumours that they will switch to a more secure encryption.
      And now the service is becoming more and more popular with expats who cannot receive their signals from the main 28 eat satellite, it should be more important to them to improve their security.
      It seems if they can change the keys every 3 months, but the new keys are available within hours, what is the point is staying with that encryption?
      Or is the service actually used to justify it?

  2. Indeed, only asked as the person I heard it from actually works for Arqiva, albeit in a totally unrelated division. Said certain Broadcasters weren’t overjoyed at the signals being pirated, Portugal was the area mentioned.

    • I can believe it.
      Thing is take that system away, and then they will simply use the pirated internet iptv / xbmc / mag250 systems… although they will not get them in HD like they may have been used to , so will be a giant step backwards!

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