Sep 302014


ITVBe – a new mainly female-oriented channel from ITV

ITVBe will launch on 8 October 2014

It will be “free to air” and so will be available on both Freesat and Sky.

ITVBe will be available on the following channel numbers : :

– Freeview and YouView channel 26
– Sky channel 179
– Freesat channel 118

On freesat ITVBe replaces ITV4+1 on 118; ITV4+1 is now on 155


What will be on ITVBe?
– The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) – the new, exclusive home of the scripted reality show.
– Baby wears Prada – factual series showing extraordinary ways to spoil children and the families with deep enough pockets to pay for it all.
– Real Housewives Of… currently on ITV2, ITVBe will also show a UK version of the US franchise: Real Housewives Of Cheshire.
– Dinner Date – transfers from ITV to a peak-time ITVBe slot.
– Seven Days With… – following the lives of celebrity couples through the course of a week.

Test transmissions for ITVBe can be found on frequency 10758 V 22000 5/6 (10075) – but it is simply showing a promotional trailer on a loop.


ITVBe Promotional Advert.


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