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Sky cardsharing coming to an end…? — 10 Comments

  1. Here is a list of Sky Italia SD channels that are no longer clearing on cardsharing systems:

    Sky Sport 1-3
    Sky Sport Plus
    Sky Sport Active 1
    Sky Sport F1
    Sky Sport MotoGP
    Eurosport 1-2
    Inter Channel
    Juventus TV
    Roma TV
    Milan Channel
    Bike Channel
    Poker Italia 24
    Fox Sports
    Sky Calcio 1-13
    Sky Supercalcio

    Cinema Passion
    Cinema ITV
    Cinema Cult
    Horror Channel

    Animal Planet
    NatGeo +1
    Discovery +1
    Discovery Science
    Discovery Travel
    History +1
    NatGeo Wild
    Gambero Rosso
    Caccia e Pesca
    Automoto TV

    Sky Uno +1
    Fox +1
    Fox Crime
    Fox Crime +2
    AXN +1
    Comedy Central
    Comedy +1
    Fox Retro
    Sky Atlantic

    Sky News

  2. Yes this information seems quite right. And there are rumours that soon even sky contracts with out a Telephone line connection.will not be getting renewed .And Sky Multi-room systems Must be connected to the telephone line .

  3. As an employee I can assure you that all Sky SD channels will soon be lost to Card Sharing Providers. People currently using these systems to obtain Paid subscription services for free have about 9-14 months remaning.

    For all you CCcam Server owners out there, your card is about to expire.


    • Thanks for that Gerald.
      I assume therefore that you will have to move all your paying customers from the SD Digiboxes to the Sky HD Digiboxes for this to happen?
      That must still be a lot of customers using SD boxes.
      Any idea when this will start?

        • I think the majority are already on Sky HD or Sky+HD boxes.
          They did it in the past when they asked all owners of Thomson Sky HD boxes to contact them for new boxes.
          And I think they have done it in Italy and Germany.
          And it will be cost vs cost of piracy…but that cost may be helped if Sky Germany and Sky Italia use the same type of boxes, (albeit with slightly different software) so the cost would be spread.
          If they do it, I dare say that they will do it in stages and get their Sky Sports and Sky Movie customers to move first…

  4. If you ask the question to Most of the cccam server owner .they will tell you they are already useing the new card ?
    And by the time this does appen if and when .then there will be other options in place.but mybe with out those big dishes

  5. Yes i agree .then i should imagine that this will also put a stop to people using multiroom boxes/ cards away from there main homes if the new system is going to be that good ? And there will be no point in people installing big dishes on there homes to get the pigback cards for £10 amonth extra thats if they still going to be using cards ?

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