Oct 122014

Sky Movies Bundle Advert – Sky TV Spain


An advert for the channels available in Skys Movies Bundle – October 2014



Sky TV in Spain : http://www.satandpcguy.com/Site/sky_tv_in_spain_menu.php


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  1. please can you give me the price for a sky box not into sport, We have a dish and the internet thank you JL elhay

    • All of our products and prices can be found on our website : http://www.satandpcguy.com/Site/price_guide_menu.php

      For the subscription free UK channels like BBC you can use a Sky or Freest receiver – ideally a Freesat receiver
      IF you want the Sky subscription channels, then a SkyHD or Sky+HD box would be required.
      As all the channels come via the satellite, internet is irrelevant, unless you want to use the Catchup services, which would also require a UK VPN service.

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