Oct 172014

The BBC Satback service, operated by Arqiva on the Intelsat 907 satellite at 27.5 west is there for back up to the UK Freeview service.
BBC Satback operates a limited amount of UK TV channels, BCB1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, ITV1 and C4.
The BBC Satback service is encrypted and is not for public use.

But since the change of the main UK TV channels to the new Astra 2E and Astra 2F satellites, meaning a loss of these channels in some areas of southern Spain and Portugal, some installers have been installing systems to enable reception of these channels on BBC Satback. Access to BBC Satback involves hacking into the system, using code keys from the internet, to access the BISS encrypted channels.

Apparently Arqiva are aware of this and they, and the broadcasters, are not thought to be pleased about their encrypted service being hacked and used for watching UK TV in areas that the broadcasters are not intended.

There have always been rumours that the BBC Satback service would either change their encryption to a more secure encryption or cease operations altogether.

Well the current rumour, supposedly form someone at Arqiva, suggests that changes may happen before Christmas.

So we shall have to wait and see….

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  6 Responses to “Intelsat 907 at 27.5 West – the BBC Satback service – new rumours”

  1. I was informed about this from the local installer before parting with my payments and was given the
    options for internet tv with monthly costs 12€ plus 110€ plus 25€ setup fee for the little box .which he told me could also go of at anytime leaving me nothing to view .At least the Dish system will still have over 200 free channels to watch So i will not be sat in the dark.And lots of radio channels to listen to. Its been working ok from For me and i have not paid for internet services .If it happens then it happens just like the Astra 1N moved .There will be some one out there with new ideas .Ive been out here now for years and seen it all before .small dish big dish new LNB’s cables panasonic receivers etc

  2. And what do you think of these rumours? There will be a lot of upset people !!!

  3. As mentioned there have always been rumours about them changing to better encryption, or more regular key changes… but so far nothing has happened. But perhaps the with southern Spain and Portugal’s loss of UK TV channels, and the more blatant use of Intelsat 907 has prompted them to be a bit more proactive.

  4. There is rumours about them stopping transmisions for bbc itv etc in northen spain and france.when Astra 2G
    Comes in to play.even with a large dish ?

    • Rumours, that all they are…
      Why would 2G affect BBC and ITV services which are already on their permanent satellites of 2E and 2F?
      Especially when 2e, 2f and 2gs uk beam are pretty much the same as each other

  5. Like it says they are only Rumours

    If it does happen then the fan will spin ?

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