Oct 292014

It has been about 5 years since Sky did their last Sky viewing card replacement.

And so it is close to the time for the next Sky Viewing card replacement.

And this is what the new Sky cards are reported to look like.

Nothing has been said by Sky about the new viewing cards, but it has been reported that some customers have the new cards already.

If the process follows previous viewing cards replacements, then the new Sky viewing card will be send to your cards registered UK address. At the same time, an on screen message will appear on your TV from your Sky box notifying you that your new card has been sent out, and to follow the instructions as to what to do when you receive the new card.

The new cards will only activate in the correct Sky digibox. So if you have not “paired” your sky card to the Sky box, your new card may not activate correctly.

To check if your card is paired to your sky box, go to sky Sports 1. If you can see Sky Sports 1, or if you get the “upgrade” message, then your card is paired. IF you see a “wrong card for this set top box” message, then your sky card is NOT paired to the sky digibox.

Also note that if you pay a yearly fee to a sky card provider to handle your sky card, then they will receive the new viewing card on your behalf. And if they are like last time, will probably charge you for the new card, even though that should be covered by the yearly maintainence fee you pay the card handler each year – one reason to always get a Sky card using a UK address you own or can control.



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