Nov 262014

The BISS codes for the BBC Satback service on Intelsat 907 have changed again today.

What is unusual about this change is that it has only happened some two month after the previous BISS CODE key change for Intelsat 907.

Whereas previous BISS CODE key changes for Intelsat 907 have been after 4 or 6 months.

Does this mean that he operators of the Intelsat 907 BBC Satback service are going to be more proactive in trying to keep their service more secure, with more regular BISS Code changes?


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  16 Responses to “Intelsat 907 – BBC Satback – Biss Codes Changed again”

  1. My installer told me that if you look over the last 2 years there as been a short 2 months key change. Before

    .And he told me that if more frequent key changes start to happen and the codes then were never made available again . It Would be down to people trying to get the brownie points By posting the keys on the net as soon as they are out.
    Hopfully we will be ok now for xmass

    We will have to wait and see

  2. Hi,

    Does anybody have a link as to where i could find the codes and how i manage to install them once i have them.

    thanks in advance, Kenneth

    • there is a link in the post above.
      How you install them depends on what receiver you have : some receivers you can input the codes via the remote, others need a software update.

  3. hi, is there web site and/or link for people, like me, with intel sat 97 who require help? i am having issues with Gi sunbird box. thanks in advance for your help if possible, regards Pearl

  4. December 2014 – Merry Christmas – seems the biss codes may have changed today 🙁 – unless my Technomate has died?

  5. Keeps us alert anyway!

  6. Advert
  7. Thanks for the quick response – we’re back in the room 🙂

  8. New Code now available and working – Why so quick – not an indication of the future!!

  9. I live in Castro Marim, eastern Algarve.
    How can I receive Freesat channels? At the moment I use 907.

    Jorma Lumme

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