Dec 032014

Channel 5 Christmas Eve and Christmas Day schedules are included below:

Christmas Eve

6:00 Milkshake
9:30 Gone with the Wind
13:50 The Adventures of Robin Hood
15:50 Scrooge – A Christmas Carol (B&W version)
17:35 Michael Buble’s Christmas 2014
18:30 My Big Xmas Benefits Blow-Out
19:20 Britain’s Craziest Christmas Lights
20:25 The Dog Rescuers with Alan Davies: Christmas Special
21:30 Greatest Ever Christmas Movies

Christmas Day

6:00 Milkshake!
9:10 Access
9:20 Andre Rieu’s Christmas Around the World
10:20 Scrooge
12:35 The Sound of Music – Live!
15:25 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
18:10 Michael Buble’s Christmas Songbook
19:05 Chas & Dave’s Xmas Knees Up
20:00 Britain’s Favourite Christmas Songs
23:05 Muriel’s Wedding
1:15 ABBA: Live in Concert


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