Jan 072015

BBC Top Gear tops Christmas Iplayer Downloads

Top Gear toppled Doctor Who from the top of the BBC’s iPlayer Christmas charts as on-demand viewing continued to boom, up 25% year on year.

There were more than 2m requests to view the first part of Top Gear’s controversial Patagonia special, broadcast on BBC2 on 27 December.

There were another 1.5m requests for the second half of the Top Gear special on iPlayer which aired on BBC2 a day later.

Doctor Who, which topped the festive iPlayer charts for the last two years, slipped to ninth spot with 1m requests during a nine-day period over Christmas, according to figures published by the BBC on Wednesday. It echoed the drop in the TV audience for the Doctor Who Christmas special, which fell to 8.3 million from 11.1 million viewers in 2013, the biggest drop of any of the most popular Christmas Day shows.

Christmas week on the iPlayer – top 20 programmes – iPlayer requests, 22 to 30 December 2014

1 Top Gear Patagonia Special, Part 1, 2.08 million

2 EastEnders, Christmas Day, 1.69 million

3 Top Gear, Patagonia Special, Part 2, 1.55 million

4 EastEnders, Boxing Day, 1.43 million

5 The Apprentice final, 21 December, 1.31 million

6 Miranda, Christmas Day, 1.26 million

7 EastEnders, 23 December, 1.15 million

8 EastEnders, 24 December, 1.11 million

9 Doctor Who, Christmas Day, 1.07 million

10 The Boy In The Dress, Boxing Day, 1.06 million

11 EastEnders, 22 December, 1.06 million

12 Mrs Brown’s Boys, Christmas Day, 976,900

13 EastEnders, 29 December, 971,800

14 Call The Midwife, Christmas Day, 948,800

15 The Wrong Mans, part 1, 22 December, 655,000

16 EastEnders, 30 December, 643,300

17 Not Going Out, 24 December, 494,900

18 Gangsta Granny, 30 December, 488,100

19 Match of the Day, Boxing Day, 470,900

20 The Wrong Mans, part 2, 23 December, 454,500


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