Feb 182015

Today ITV3 HD has moved to the UK beam on Astra 2F.

ITV 3 HDs move from the European beam, may mean loss of this ITV 3 HD channel in some areas of southern Spain and Portugal. This is because the UK beam is harder to receive than the European beam.


ITV3 HD new frequency is:

11.068 V, 23.000, 2/3, DVB-S2, 8PSK.


Sky HD boxes should have automatically updated tot he new frequency.

Users of other satellite receivers should scan the frequency to ensure they do not lose viewing of ITV3 HD.


It is thought that ITV2 HD and ITV4 HD will also soon move to this frequency and beam, which will reduce its reception again in Southern Spain and Portugal.



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  1. What are the new frequencies for ITV 4 HD please?

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