Feb 202015

This weeks satellite TV news – 20 February 2015

Our weekly round up of the latest satellite TV news, including news about Sky TV in Spain, Freesat in Spain, UK TV in Spain, Spanish TV in Spain, and Internet IPTV in Spain.

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Some more Sky box crashing problems:

ITV3 HD moves to the UK beam on Astra 2F – which may mean people in the South of Spain (Costa del Sol) may no longer receive this channels, with ITV2HD and ITV4HD expected to join ITV3HD soon….

Spanish TV switch off changes delayed again – by another month

FA Cup Quarter Final matches live on UK TV – BBC One and BT Sports

This weekends English Premier League matches – TV coverage

Another week, and more Freesat HD installations. A few more people fed up of their “android / smart TV” internet TV boxes not performing as they should, and moving to Freesat HD TV systems instead.

Remember, you can only get Freesat on official Freesat branded boxes – no Freesat logo on the box, then it is not Freesat (there are still some “installers” around offering Freesat, but not using a Freesat receiver! So they are NOT actually offering Freesat!)

Also, one client was told by another local “installer” they could receive the FULL Sky package for less than an official Sky subscription price – but then found it was an illegal card sharing service, did not come with an offical Sky HD digibox, could not record two channels at the same time, and did not offer the full Sky package (as quoted) as there were NO Sky HD channels available, they came to us, and we sorted him out with a full Sky HD package, where our Sky card agent manage to get a discount of 50% off for 12 months for the client!


Happy viewing.

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