Astra 2A frequencies moved to Astra 2E and 2F – better UK TV reception for many in Spain — 4 Comments

  1. Please can you tell me what happend to Dubai one on the Arabic satalite is there a problem with it And is Dubai one coming back on Arabic satalite

    • According to everything I see it is still on 11,785 on 7W and 12,130 on 26E.
      So it should still be on Arabic satellite.

      (and will be nothing to do with the UK TV changes this post is about!)

    • UK TV and Sky TV use about 100 plus frequencies.
      Which frequency you want, depends which channel you want.

      If you are using a Sky box, then your default transponder should be 11778 v.
      The default transponder is only used when the sky box is first powered up.
      The default transponder does nothing for individual channel reception.
      If you already have the channel guide loaded, Changing the default transponder does nothing.
      If you are unable to receive signals, then it is more likely a problem with your dish alignment, dish size, LNB cabling or connections, rather than frequency.

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