Mar 112015

Sky Broadband, the UK’s second largest ISP is about to hand over the personal details of customers to a company known for demanding cash from alleged file-sharers.
Sky Broadband says it will hand over the names and addresses of subscribers to TCYK LLC. Sky warns customers that the movie company will probably ask for compensation.
TCYK will then request compensation from the suspected torrent user to settle the case out of court under the threat of implied legal action.
TCYK monitors file-sharing websites for illegal activity and gets internet service providers to release details about the offending accounts.

In a letter being sent out to Sky subscribers, the company warns of what is to come.
“We need to let you know about a court order made against Sky earlier this year that requires us to provide your name and address to another company,” the letters begin.
“A company called TCYK LLC, which owns the rights to several copyrighted films, has claimed that a number of Sky Broadband customers engaged in unlawful file-sharing of some of its films. In support of this claim, TCYK LLC says it has gathered evidence of individual broadband accounts (identified online by unique numbers called IP addresses) from which it claims the file sharing took place.”


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