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Is there a Sky price change scheduled for June? — 7 Comments

  1. Sky has announced it is ‘changing’ its satellite TV subscription prices in June, three months earlier than usual.

    Messages on the Sky TV sign-up pages on the Sky website advise new subscribers that Sky TV prices are changing on the 1st June. Subscribers are advised that as part of Sky’s terms and conditions, Sky may “increase prices by up to 10%” during a minimum contract term.

    Further details about the scope of the price change and whether there will be any adjustments or enhancements to the service to coincide with the changes have not been disclosed by Sky at this stage. Sky recently paid a record amount to retain Premier League football rights through to 2019, which heightened fears among fans about price changes.

    Rival BT has yet to confirm its prices for BT Sport during the 2015/16 football season, when it will start to show live Champions League football.

    With price changes often neutralised by introductory discounts and retention deals, as well as adjustments to other elements of a subscription bundle, such as broadband, cost-conscious pay TV subscribers may well decide to wait and see what transpires before making a move.

  2. Sky ups prices, market worried

    Sky is unexpectedly increasing its subscriber prices in the UK. Normally any price rise happens in September but the hike comes just 6 weeks after the broadcaster agreed to pay the Premier League £4.2 billion for a share of the TV rights.
    The all-important ‘sports’ bundle will cost an extra £1 (to £47) a month, while the ‘family’ package rises by £3 to £36 a month. The new prices will be levied from June. The ‘Sky Original’ bundle (which is sensitive for Sky Sports customers buying through the minimum to get to sport) has not been affected.
    Investment bankers Jefferies put out an immediate note for client, headlined “Rearguard Action” and saying that Sky was fighting to convince the market that it can recover next year’s £600 million extra in Premier League costs. The bank says it is worried that in terms of Sky’s financials it will struggle to grow its British earnings through the next two Premier League rights cycles, which translates as 8 years.
    “But operating leverage is leaking away. Last month’s PL auction was a sobering illustration of Sky’s continuing reliance on exclusive football content. Cost inflation is not limited to football. Sky faces increasingly credible OTT challenges in entertainment and movies. Over time this could translate into more competition for third party rights, and greater urgency to develop content in-house on a much larger scale. As the treadmill gathers pace, we expect cost inflation to overtake capacity for raising prices,” says the bank’s note.
    Even more damaging perhaps is Jefferies’ comment that Sky is now increasingly reliant on its German and Italian divisions to deliver growth, and this growth was by no means assured

    • And the Sports Package only goes up by £1…
      Why? When this is where Sky spent their 4billion on PL rights?
      Penalise non sports subscribers instead.

      Thankfully BeIN Sports seems to be a much better option for football and F1 fans – a fraction of the price, all PL games live and in full HD!

      If you want to check your Sky package prices, go to your MySky account, where you can click a link to see the price of your next three bills.

    Sky has confirmed that its Restart feature will roll out in the UK later this year.
    The service, which allows viewers to jump back to the start of a movie broadcast that has already begun, has been available in Italy for some time.
    “One of the most popular features among our Italian customers is called ‘Restart’. It’s a simple but very clever idea that allows customers to go back to the start of a movie,” Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch told a press conference. “We’ll bring it to the UK later this year – just one easy example of sharing best practice across the group.”
    Restart is currently limited exclusively to movie content, and there is no word if Sky intends to extend it to additional TV programming

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