Apr 212015

ITV2 HD and ITV4 HD expected to switch to UK beam, joining ITV3 HD

Two new test channels have appeared on Astra 2F’s UK beam.

These two test channels are on Astra 2F frequency : 11053 H DVB-S2/8PSK SR:23000, FEC: 3/4.

It is expected that these two test channels will become ITV2 HD and ITV4 HD.

This means that they will be moving from the “European” beam that they are currently transmitted on. The European beam gives good coverage across a lot of Europe.

The move to the UK beam, will mean a loss of these two ITV HD channels for some people, as the UK beam is much harder to receive in some areas of mainland Europe.

Loss of ITV2 HD and ITV4 HD in southern Spain and Portugal.

This will mean that reception of ITV2 HD and ITV4 HD will be similar to ITV3 HD, which moved to the UK beam several months ago.

ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD and ITV4 HD have been part of the Sky HD subscription package, and located on the European beam since their inception in 2010.

But does this move of these ITV HD channels to the UK beam mean that they will soon be out of their Sky HD contract, and soon be available for free…?


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