Apr 272015

Astra 2G satellite is on the move.

For the last few months, Astra 2G has been on an interim mission. This interim mission was to “reserve” a slot at 21.5º east, a slot for the Luxembourg governments military satellite, GovSat.

Now that the slots has been reserved, Astra 2G is being moved towards 43 east, for testing. The tests are expected to take around one month.
At the end of testing Astra 2G will then be moved to the Astra 2 28 east location for UK TV. It’s expected that Astra 2G will enter service and start to transmit UK TV channels late June 2015.

Until Astra 2G is in position at 28 east, and transmitting, no-on will know its exact signals footprint, and what Astra 2Gs reception on both its UK and European beam will be like for expats in Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Italy and the south of France. Suffice to say reception is expected to be similar to the other two new UK TV satellites, Astra 2E and Astra 2F.

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