Apr 282015

Problems watching recorded programmes on white Sky+ boxes

If you have a white Sky+ box in your home, we know you’re having problems watching your recorded programmes and you may see a pixelated or frozen picture and the sound may be interrupted. You may also notice this problem if you pause and then play live TV.

The problem has been caused by a technical error which only affects Amstrad DRX280 and DRX180 boxes (models: 4F21 and 4F20).

You can use your Sky remote to find the make and model of your Sky box.

1.Press Services.
2.Press the down arrow button, and highlight System Setup (number 4 in the list) and press select.
3.Now press the down arrow button until System Details (number 5 in the list) is highlighted and press select.

Alternatively the make and model of your Sky box will be printed on a sticker on the underside of the box or on the on the back of the box.

We’re investigating the problem now but please don’t try to re-build your Planner as we know this won’t fix the problem.

We’ll provide an update on our progress before the end of this week. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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