Apr 292015

As we mentioned on this blog earlier, ( ) today ITV2HD and ITV4HD joined ITV3HD on the Uk beam.

Sky boxes were mapped over to the new frequency at around midday today.

This has meant that expats in some areas may have lost their ITV32HD and ITV4HD channels.
Some expats relied on ITV2HDs repeats for their soaps (Corrie and Emmerdale), but from today, reception in some areas is now harder. The switch means some expats have lost access to ITV’s sports coverage and Coronation Street and Emmerdale replays in areas where the main ITV channel wasn’t receivable via satellite.

For example, expats in southern Spain may have been using a smaller 125×125 or “1.4m” satellite dish to watch ITV2HD and ITV4HD, and they will now have last these channels, as their dish is now too small to receive those channels.

This was not totally unexpected. Tests for these two ITV HD channels have been on the UK beam for a few weeks now.

It may signal an end to the Sky abnd ITV contract, and may mean these ITVHD channels may soon go free to air..


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