May 262015

Multiple BBC Red Button streams will be available again this summer.

Normally the BBC only have one Red Button stream on satellite. This single Red Button is only available in SD.

But they expand the service during the summer months to cover the various summer events.

These extra streams are used for extra match coverage during Wimbledon and extra stages at Glastonbury.

The streams are in test mode at the moment, but will soon be added to the Sky and Freesat channel guide.

They are located on the UK beam of the Astra satellites.

So they will only be available to viewers in Spain if they can already receive BBC channels.

Extra BBC Red Button Frequency Details:
Frequency 12422
Polarisation H
Symbol Rate 27500
FEC 2/3

5 SD streams are tagged as 6802 – 6806

1 HD stream is tagged as 6811


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