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BT Sport to announce coverage details for Champions League and Europa League — 3 Comments

  1. good morning there is a blog called digame from torrox over the last few days there have been items re 907 the last one saying police have started fining people in Madrid ???? any ideas if you find the site there is a box to fetch stuff up so put intelsat 907 in and it should bring up the last few days stuff

    cheers nige waggy nerja spain

    • Hi, I have just seen the comments on that blog – a few misguided people posting utter rubbish about the system.
      “Arquiva, who run the service in Spain” – no Arquiva do not run the system in Spain…they simply run the system as a back up to freeview for the UK.
      “Its called Arquiva BBC.” – No. The system is BBC SAT BACK – as in back up. And is part of the Freeview contract to ensure that there is an alternative method of supplying signals for a few key channels to the Freeview mast in case the fibre optic system fails.
      “It was set up between the two companies, in 2009.” – No Arquiva was founded in 2005 to handle infrastructure in the UK. And one contract it has is the Freeview distribution service. Arquiva is nothing to do with the BBC. But yes, the BBC Satback service was first noticed in 2009..but that does not mean it was not operating before.
      “the satellite is very soon to get secure roaming numbers, similar to what Sky and Virgin use. ” – what??? For the last 5 years there have always been the rumours of more secure encryption, but so far nothing.
      “Remember the people who bought the Abudabi boxes? That went!!! ” – Abu Dhabi (ADMC) receivers can still be used to receive ADMC pay channels with and ADMC card. Perhaps he means people bough ADMC receiver for the premier league coverage, which they had for a few years, but then lost that contract to Al Jazeera / BeIN Sports.

      It looks like it gets confusing as there an “installation company” installing this system uses the email address of “sattvaxarquia@gmail.com” – which looks a bit like “Arquiva”.
      Yes, it is illegal in any country, to sell equipment that hacks into encrypted signals. But then selling the receivers themselves is not illegal, but selling the receivers with the changed firmware and then supplying the codes to access the encrypted feeds is illegal.
      But I have yet to hear of anyone being fined for selling these systems, and nor have I heard of fining people using these system in a private house.

  2. thanks it makes sense what you say we will keep watching till we loose it bloody hell we have it in ours plus the bloody rental what next don’t want internet it is shit here keep smiling we thinks keep up the good work

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