May 312015

Sky Digibox Default Transponder Frequency Settings

The Default Transponder setting on a Sky digibox tells the Sky digibox which frequency to download the channel list from when the Sky digibox is first powered on.

Changing the Sky Default Transponder Frequency does nothing what so ever for individual channel reception

The correct default transponder frequency setting on a Sky Digibox is 11778 V 27.5 2/3.

Prior to February 2015, this 11778 frequency used to be transmitted from a satellite beam which even the large 2.4m satellite dishes used to struggle to receive.

This meant that sometimes during the boot up process, the Sky Digibox would inform you that you were not receiving a signal. The box would not boot up correctly as it could not receive the required data and channel list from the 11778 frequency, as that frequency was simply too weak to receive.

Luckily, all other frequencies used for UK TV carried the channel list. So people had to go through a process of pressing certain buttons on their Sky remote control to access a “secret” installer menu, and change the default transponder frequency setting from 11778 to another frequency. This basically told the Sky Digibox to download the channel list from another more available frequency.

This process to change the Default Transponder Frequency setting on a Sky Digibox can be seen on the following video:

In February 2015, the 11778 frequency moved satellites and to a stronger, easier to receive beam. So you should no longer have to change the Sky Digiboxes default transponder frequency setting from 11778, as this 11778 frequency is nice and stronger than ever.

However, some people are unaware that they no longer have to change any of the default transponder frequency settings on a Sky digibox.

And as a result are now finding that they are having problems with their sky digibox booting up.

This is because people have been using 12207 V 27.5 2/3 as a default transponder frequency. However, this frequency is no longer a valid working frequency. And so when the Sky Digibox is booted up, the box is trying and failing to receive its data from an incorrect frequency. And so it appears as if the Sky digibox is broken.

Simply by changing the default transponder frequency setting back to the correct 11778 V 27.5 2/3 , the digibox can now download the channel list, and starts to function correctly.


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