Jun 102015

Astra 2G Satellite : News Update : 10 June 2015 :
Astra 2G, the third and final new UK TV satellite is now slowly moving towards the UK TV slot at 28 east.
At the time of writing it is at 32 degrees east, and as it is moving at about 0.5 degrees a day, will be at 28 east by the 15th June.

Once in position, it is expected that channels on the aging and failing Eutelsat 28A will be moved to Astra 2G. Also some channels from the two other new satellites, Astra 2E and Astra 2F, will also move to Astra 2G.

Which channels, and onto what beam will not be known until they do move.

As such, it is pure speculation as to what reception of channels on Astra 2G will be like in Spain and other areas of Europe.
Suffice to say reception of channels on Astra 2Gs UK and European beam will be similar to that of the UK and European beams on Astra 2E and Astra 2F.

But this has not stopped the usual cries of “you will be losing all your UK and Sky TV soon in Spain unless you buy our internet TV box” from Brit Box / Smart TV and other IPTV sellers.
Bear in mind where I operate, UK TV signals are better than ever…despite the scaremongering lies from IPTV sellers.

Back in September 2013, one “expert”, who said that “as far as blowing my own trumpet so to speak, yes i am the best in the business” claimed:

-All BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5 TV channels : None of these channels will physically reach Europe mainland via Satellite.
-after end of October 2013 no BBC or ITV channels etc. will be viewable on your SKY Box, or Free to Air box

Despite calls to back up his “information” that all UK TV would be lost in ALL of Spain and Europe, he simply proclaimed to be correct and “the best”, and told people who questioned his “facts” to “get a life”!
In fact when these claims were posted, September 2013, one of the new UK TV satellites, Astra 2F, was in place and transmitting, and can be received in many parts of mainland Europe, France, and Spain. In fact, in the Costa Blanca and Valencia area, reception of many channels has in fact IMPROVED due to the new satellites, something which this “self proclaimed best” simply ignored. With the second new UK TV satellite, Astra 2E, reception of BBC and ITV channels for the Costa Blanca and Valencia area of Spain improved so much, that 1.8m and 2.4m satellite dishes are no longer needed, and smaller 100×110 and 125x135cm dishes can be used.

True that some areas of Spain are now in “null spots” and have poor reception of satellite signals, some due to the reluctance to install a larger satellite dish to receive the signals. But the claims that no “BBC, ITV, Ch4 and Ch5 TV channels will physically reach Europe mainland via Satellite” and that “after end of October 2013 no BBC or ITV channels etc. will be viewable on your Sky Box, or Free to Air box” are simply untrue, and he was in fact, like so many people pushing internet and IPTV service, scaremongering people into internet TV systems.

And some of these internet and IPTV services sellers are starting to do the same now that Astra 2G is on its way. More “claims” that all UK TV and Sky TV channels will be lost in all of Spain when they all move to this final UK TV satellite…ignoring the facts that not all channels will move to the new satellite, many will stay on their current satellite, and so many areas, like the Costa Blanca and Valencia area will continue to benefit greatly from the better than ever reception of UK satellite TV.

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