Jun 152015

In our previous post ( ) , we said “will be at 28 east by the 15th June.”

And we were correct.

Astra 2G arrived at 28 east, the UK TV slot, early this morning.

Over the next few weeks channels will slowly be migrated from Eutelsat 28A,and maybe Astra 2e and Astra 2F, onto the UK and European beams of Astra 2G.

There are rumours that some channels may be moving over to Astra 2G tonight.

And another rumour suggest some ITV channels may also move to Astra 2G in the next few days.

This is presumably to help “spread the load”, spreading the number of channels on the UK beams across the three satellites.

Reception of Astra 2Gs UK and European beams are expected to be similar to that of the UK and European beam on Astra 2E and Astra 2F.

For some areas of Europe, reception of some channels may improve. For other areas, reception of some channels may deteriorate.

(Cue IPTV and Android XBMC Kodi Costas Smart Brit Boxes sellers ( see also ) to proclaim the end of the world as we know it, unless you buy their systems!)

However, until Astra 2G is fired up and transmitting, exact reception in specific areas will not be known.

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  6 Responses to “Astra 2G satellite arrives at 28 east”

  1. Sky movies channel’s moved today.. Not sure if it’s to new satellite or not.

    • Correct, Sky movies sd channels look to have moved to new frequencies…
      e.g Sky action SD was on frequency 11836 H 27500. Now it is on 11934 V 27500 5/6.

      But nothing yet is on 2G.

      But there is a rumour that some ITV channels may be moving to 2G in the next few days…the first test of 2Gs UK beam reception…and when we shall see (and hope) the 2G UK beam is similar to the UK beam on 2E and 2F.

  2. 17-6-2015….1m dish…In Lisbon..Portugal..we lost on Astra 28 east..South European Beam… asian radio on 10803 h……sunrise radio…….11307h..11307v…..11343v…11344h….please..we like indian radios and astha..rishtey..aaj tak Uk…news 18…if you please..put them again on south European beam

    • On the new satellites there is no “south beam”.
      They have UK and European.
      If you have lost channels, and those on the frequencies you have mentioned, it is because they are now on the UK beam of the new satellite.
      If this is permanent or not we have no idea.
      Suffice to say, your dish will now be too small to receive those channels on their UK beam.

  3. 18-6-2015..1m dish..Lisbon..Portugal….nice signal on 28 east.. Astra 2G..Europe beam….11222h….11224v…..11260v…..11260v…..11261h…….

    • YEs, the European beam is easier to receive than the UK beam.
      ANd this is the reason why you can get a signal on those frequencies, but not on say the frequency for bbc asian radio, which is on the uk beam.

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