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Astra 2G satellite arrives at 28 east — 6 Comments

    • Correct, Sky movies sd channels look to have moved to new frequencies…
      e.g Sky action SD was on frequency 11836 H 27500. Now it is on 11934 V 27500 5/6.

      But nothing yet is on 2G.

      But there is a rumour that some ITV channels may be moving to 2G in the next few days…the first test of 2Gs UK beam reception…and when we shall see (and hope) the 2G UK beam is similar to the UK beam on 2E and 2F.

  1. 17-6-2015….1m dish…In Lisbon..Portugal..we lost on Astra 28 east..South European Beam…..bbc asian radio on 10803 h……sunrise radio…….11307h..11307v…..11343v…11344h….please..we like indian radios and tv..like astha..rishtey..aaj tak Uk…news 18…if you please..put them again on south European beam

    • On the new satellites there is no “south beam”.
      They have UK and European.
      If you have lost channels, and those on the frequencies you have mentioned, it is because they are now on the UK beam of the new satellite.
      If this is permanent or not we have no idea.
      Suffice to say, your dish will now be too small to receive those channels on their UK beam.

  2. 18-6-2015..1m dish..Lisbon..Portugal….nice signal on 28 east.. Astra 2G..Europe beam….11222h….11224v…..11260v…..11260v…..11261h…….

    • YEs, the European beam is easier to receive than the UK beam.
      ANd this is the reason why you can get a signal on those frequencies, but not on say the frequency for bbc asian radio, which is on the uk beam.

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