Jun 172015

Nothing is 100% certain at the moment but there are reports that a number of frequencies and channels moved to the new Astra 2G satellite over night.
This was slightly unexpected, as it was thought that they would remain on Astra 2E and Astra 2F.
However, it may be that they needed to move to help “spread the load” over the three Astra satellites.

Reports say the following moved early hours on the 17th June 2015:
10.964 H Channel 5
10.994 H ITV
11.024 H BBC HD
11.053 H ITV
11.067 V ITV
11.097 V ITV
11.127 V Channel 4 HD

Personally I have notice very little change in reception, on any of my satellite dishes.

However, as satellites are not 100% exactly the same, if the moves have happened, some areas may be noticing a drop in signals, and maybe a loss of some of these channels. It will probably mean your dish is now just a tad too small to receive these signals for your area.

If you are experiencing issues with these channels, especially since today – 17th June 2015 – please contact us ( email : ) with your location, dish size, and your reception for Channel Five, BBC News HD, ITV1 HD, and Channel 4 HD.

According to one source :

The first commercial use of 2G is scheduled for 01:00 on 18th June with the firing up of the 28A D7, D8, D11 transponders on interim temporary TPs on 2G .
Then at 05:30 the same night, the ‘in earnest migration of the C1U and C1L transponders from Astra 28A to their permanent slots on the 2G bird. Viewers with Sky and Freesat boxes shouldn’t see anything other than a few minutes’ break if they happen to be watching an affected channel.

For information :
Eutelsat 28A D7 transponder carries Discovery channels.
Eutelsat 28A D8 transponder carries BT Sport HD channels.
Eutelsat 28A D11 transponder carries Zee Tv channels.
Eutelsat 28A C1U transponder carries Vintage TV, Horror Channel, Travel Channel+1 channels.
Eutelsat 28A C1L transponder carries Now MUsic, Filmon TV, channels.


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  7 Responses to “Astra 2G – UK TV channel changes”

  1. Like the previous night, if there were changes between satellites last night, then going by signal levels, you would never know.
    All signal leveks look to be the same as what they were a few days ago.

  2. Tuned in this morning and all sky movie channels have gone ,some have been replaced by challenge tv.Any reason for this.Thanks.

    • Yes.
      They changed frequencies.
      If you had a Sky digibox, then they would have automatically updated tot he new frequencies.
      Otherwise you will have to perform a rescan to pick them up in their new frequencies.
      And expect a lot more frequency changes, as they do a shuffle around of the channels on to the three new satellites.

      • hi, as stated in the previous posts all movie channels have gone – i have rescanned but they are not coming up. Only the HD version of the channels are coming up. Unfortunately i do not have an HD box.
        Will i have to upgrade to a bigger dish in order to get these (non HD movie channels) up and running again?
        Currently i have a 1,5m dish / in Vienna, Austria. Thank you

        • Sky Movies (SD) are now on : 11934 V SR 27500 FEC 5/6
          On the European beam of Astra 2E.
          If you are sure your dish (and LNB) is aligned correctly, and you have scanned the correct frequency, and you still cannot get the channels, then yes you may need a larger dish to receive them.

  3. I have a 1.4 meter dish – and on the last change-over was told that I would need a bigger dish to receive any channels – luckily once the change-over was complete all the channels came back – probably better than before as I had less loss of channels in bad weather. I can only hope this is the case again once they have stopped messing around with the satellites!

    • Lots of people were told they would need a larger dish, when they did not.
      Lots of people were scared into going for IPTV systems, due to the “imminent loss of all uk tv in SPain”…which did not happen…
      And yes, even in my area, I can see few changes with this most recent satellite shuffle.
      Once this batch of changes finishes, we think by the end of the moment, then it should remain pretty stable for the next 12-15 years, which is the lifespan of this batch of new UK TV satellites.

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