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Astra 2G is live, and channels are moving to the new UK TV satellite — 33 Comments

  1. From..Lisbon…Portugal…1m dish to Astra 2 ..Good signal astra 2G..2E..2F.. europe beam……lost frequencies 11307h…1307v…..11343v….1343h

        • And you lost them as they are now on the UK beam…eutelsat 28a is being cleared of all channels, as it is well past its “sell by date”…and also is part of the deal where Astra take over Eutelsats frequencies…
          Just because they were on a European beam before, does not mean they cannot move to another beam…
          if the channel operators want to pay more to be on the more restrictive beam then that is up to them.

          • 28 east….on those 11307v….11307h…..11343v….11343h…on europe beam..90% of channels was free to air….and asking about aastha channel free to air

          • No matter how many times you keep asking, at the moment the answer will be the same.
            You have lost those frequencies and those channels because have moved from the European beam and are currently on the UK beam, and your dish is too small to receive them.
            and aastha is on one of those frequencies / channels affected…
            if you want these channels and frequencies back then you will need a much larger dish than your current 1m dish.

    • Astra 2G reception will be similar but not the exact same as Astra 2E and Astra 2F satellites.
      The final “old” satellite, Eutelsat 28A, will be cleared of all remaining channels this week.

  2. Northern Italy. Lost BTsports. I know they mo ed to astra 2G UK beam. I have 120 cm dish. What can I do? Much bigger? New LNB? Perfect re allignment? Thanks

  3. Alberto: same problem here. I love BT Sport HD channels because they showed UFC event in GREAT hd quality, now im out of luck. Let me know if you find a way but i am afraid we need a huge disk to get the UK Beam.

  4. Hi I am in cremona Italy i have a 1m dish..during the day i have all the channels bbc itv etc..in the evening i lose them..do you know why?

    kind regards


  5. Hello
    like your clear comments. I am not very technical so hope you can supply a clear answer. we have 1.5m dish in eastern Algarve, Portugal. Used to getgood freesat uk channels all now gone. Think we are still pointing at old satellite. Do you think if we reposition dish to the 2g we could get freesat uk channels again? Ie bbc, itv etc.
    currently able to pick up only sky news, NHK, Travel channel etc in english so dishnot been moved for 4 years, set up professionally. Cheers

    • Your dish is already on Astra 2G…no need to move it anywhere.
      The reason why you have lost channels like BBC ITV is that your dish is now too small for where you are to receive those channel on their new satellite s(2e, 2f and 2g).
      That is because they are on the UK beam, and in you area that beam is very weak to receive , hence the need for a much larger dish.

      You can pick up the other free channel like SKy news as they are on the European beam of 2e, 2f, 2g, which is much easier to receive, and should be able to be received on a smaller dish.

      • Thanks for that. I heard from some expats on the Algarve that they pick up UK tv via “a box” with a password/code (ask no questions) and their dish aimed at a satellite that beams to Gibraltar. Ever heard of this?

        • It is a box that allows you to hack (so read illegal) into encrypted signals / feeds that are for emergency use (they say) for Freeview in the UK.
          The satellite beams over the Atlantic and Europe.
          And Gibraltar.
          But there is not an exclusive Gibraltar satellite or beam – although some people have said it is because Gibraltar is part of the UK so they need to have access to their UK programming so this special satellite was for them (oblivious to the fact Gibraltar is NOT part of the UK, as it is classed as a British Overseas Territory, and so they have no right to demand access to UK programming)

          More information on : https://www.satandpcguy.com/Site/intelsat_907_uk_tv_channels.php

        • Hello. I was searching info from UK channels in Algarve and i would lime to ask you if there is a way to get them Freesat.
          Thank you
          Can you give me detailed info on my email?

          • You can receive Freesat in the Algarve.
            You just need a very large satellite dish, large enough to receive the channels on the UK beam.
            When I say large, we know a 3M dish does not receive the main Freesat channels in the Algarve.

    • ????

      Is this a question, a statement, of just a mad minute on the keyboard?

      Just guessing, but there is no channel called Pace TV on Astra 2 satellites, which is where you have posted…in fact I can see no channel at all called Pace TV on any satellite.

  6. Hi, I just thought I would let you know that last night there was no reception from the UKTV channnels in the Tarragona region. Getting to the point where i cannot justify the cost of Sky TV when most channles say no signal. Any other options? I already have a Minix box which I use to watch Show box.

  7. Hello,
    We upgraded to a Famaval 1.4 dish last year and the reception on all channels was excellent at our home in Villa Joyosa. With the move of some channels from Astra 2F to 2G we have lost some of our favourite channels (e.g. BBC 1 Wales HD). Is this just a problems of alignment or do we need to do something else to regain reception?

    • More than likely it means your dish is out of alignment, or your LNB needs to be aligned, or you are using a poor LNB.
      Personally I have seen a number of these dishes not installed correctly, or not aligned correctly. And reception of the HD channels, especially ITV1HD, is a good indicator of this.

  8. Hi ! I’m in France (eastern – southern Alsace, right near the Swiss border (Basel). I had no troubles with all channels (all HD etc) until this change. Now, it’s only some channels that have dissappeared. When I check the signal map – I’m in a green area, so I think the Sat dish size must be just fine! But maybe it’s not aligned correctly? I would love to get you to help, but of course you’re in Spain, DOH! So, if I get a local Sat guy to align – what should I be asking them to do exactly when it comes to the alignment? When I do a freesat tune – it does show that it ‘picks up’ or lists the missing HD channels, but when I view them it says ‘no or bad signal’ on my Humax Foxsat HDR. It’s weird because you mention in other posts (https://www.satandpcguy.com/2015/06/18/updated-bbc-astra-2-frequencies-for-movement-to-astra-2g/) that channels like BBC Wales HD moved to the 2G – but for some reason I can get that channel!!!??!

    Any advice would be great! Should I just manually scan using frequencies from your site to try and re-add them? Or is that a lot of hassle (compared to freesat scan automatic?) or indeed get the local sat guy to come and re-align?

    One last question – does the post code input determine how it scans (which frequencies – ie. it thinks I’m in UK so uses UK beams?? – I know, perhaps silly question, but I’m no expert in this)

    Thanks again, your website is a wealth of great info!

    • Hi

      Thanks for the message.

      If you can receive channels like BBC One Wales HD, and not BBC One England HD then either your dish needs to be realigned slightly, or it is too small for where you are located.

      The UK beams on 2e, 2f and 2g, are not 100% the same, and do vary, which is why you may get some BBC channels on one UK beam, but not others which are on another satellites UK beam.

      Manually scanning will not help, as your Freesat box already has all the BBC frequencies on its guide, and if you cannot get them in “Freesat” mode, then you will still not be able to get the in non freesat mode, if your dish is too small or not aligned correctly.

      The post code determines which BBC and ITV and C4 regions are allocated to 101, 102, 103, and 104etc….
      Put in a Welsh postcode, and you will get welsh versions on 101,102, 103, 104.
      Put in a Scottish postcode, and you will get Scottish versions on 101,102, 103, 104.

      • Hi,
        I just did a manual scan – of all frequencies – not trying to choose some individually, and I got ITV HD back!!! Problem is I got EVERY possible damn channel… all with wrong numbers starting 5000?? I got BBC one Scot HD and BBC1 Wales HD BBC News HD and BBC 4 HD. BBC one South East or London HD not showing anywhere.

        So, is re-aligning my next option, before worrying about new Dish size? The dish was already here on the house when we bought it – but by looking at it – I’d say it’s a 1m dish.

        Thanks for your help!

        • Your channel numbers start at 5000 as you are scanning in “non freesat mode”.
          Non freesat mode doe not use freesat channel number listings, or filter out the multiple ITV1 and C4 regions.
          YOu simply get a list of ALL free to air channel, and datastreams that are on the satellite.

          The ITV1 HD you are getting should be available to you in freesat mode, as long as you can identify which regional versions of ITV1 HD you are getting, and input the correct postcode for that regional version.

          For the BBC regions you want, then either your dish is not aligned correctly or too small.
          Looking at a dish for the size can be misleading, until you get the correct measure.
          Although you may have a “1m” dish, which the theoretical maps say may be fine, actual reception maps do differ

          • OK, perhaps I need a welsh postcode and try it for the ITV HD?

            For the next step with the alignment – what do you recommend I say to the sat guy who comes to align it? Do I say I need to be aligned for Astra 2E/2G 28.2 ? sorry for the silly question, but don’t want the guy on a call out fee to be wasting time!! hehe!

          • The dish needs to be aligned for best reception of all three satellites.. to too much at one, and you will lose UK beam channels on another…like what you have at the moment.
            HE should also (if competent enough) be able to advise if your dish is too small…
            There are reception reports from Lucerne where an 80cm dish is working fine and Liechtenstein where a 1m dish is working fine – but the reports do not say if all channel, and all HD channels are available or not…
            Remember also the type of LNB and lnb skew, and lnb distance can also make a difference to reception…so it is not just dish size and dish alignment, it is the whole system

  9. Ok, thanks, Once again – your knowledge is priceless. As long as I have a combination of ITV HD and BBC Wales HD, then I get Euro 2016 matches! 🙂 🙂 I’ll get sat guy after that – so he doesn’t break anything.

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