Jun 182015

A few days ago, the Sky Movies Standard Definition channels, changed their frequencies.

The Sky Movies channels used to be on frequency 11836 H.

But a few days ago, they changed to a new frequency.

The Sky Movies channels moved to frequency 11934MHz, pol.V DVB-S SR:27500 FEC:5/6

This has affected the following Sky Movie channels (SD only)

Sky Action
Sky Comedy
Sky SciFi / Horror
Sky Select
Sky Disney
Sky Family
Sky Movies Premier
Sky Movies Premier +1
Sky Thriller
Sky Drama
Sky Showcase / Sky Great Brits

Sky digibox users should not have to do anything, as their digiboxes will automatically update to the new frequencies.

However users of other satellite receivers will have to rescan this new frequency to continue to watch Sky Movies.


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  1. The channels are not coming up on the new frequencies

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