Jun 202015

Non-BT broadband customers who want to watch the full set of BT Sport channels from August via Sky will need to pay at least £19.99 a month for the privilege.

Until now, BT Sport on Sky has been available to the majority of non-BT broadband customers for £13.50 a month.

BT Sport from August this will increase to £19.99.


The new price increase follows the addition of BT Sport Europe to the pack.

At £6.49 extra per month, this is more than the £5 a month extra that BT broadband subscribers will have to pay to access the full range of BT Sport content from August.

The HD versions of BT’s sports channels are available for an extra £4 a month.

For their £20 per month BT Sport viewers will receive BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport Europe and BT Sport ESPN, and access to 6 BT Sport Extra streams providing extra coverage of the Champions League.


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