Jun 292015

Earlier today the last few remaining frequencies from the old Eutelsat 28A satellite were moved to the three new Astra 2 satellites.

This also meant a move for the Freesat Electronic Programme Guide data stream.

These latest moves are to remove channels from the aging Eutelsat satellite, which has been in orbit since 2001.

Some channels affected by the move include news channels France 24 (English) and Bloomberg.

The channels have moved to either the UK “spot beam” or the European beam on the new Astra 2E, F, G satellites.

The moves means viewers in the UK and Ireland will benefit from a stronger, more reliable signal.

Most viewers in parts of continental Europe will now receive a weaker signal, although some areas may see no change in reception.
In general, if you can no longer receive BBC and ITV channels, then you may find you are struggling to receive the Freesat EPG data as well. This will mean that you may not be able to use the full functionality of a Freesat receiver.

And over the next week to two weeks we are expecting a few more channels to swap between the satellites, to help balance the load between the three new Astra 2 satellites.

Users of Freesat and Sky receivers should have to take no actions, as their digiboxes should automatically update should any channel have changed their frequency.


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