Jun 302015

In a blow to the BBC, the BBC Trust rejected the proposal to launch a new BBC1+1 channel in place of BBC3 because of its likely impact on commercial rivals including ITV and Channel 5.

The corporation had intended to replace the BBC3 TV channel with a one-hour time-shifted version of BBC1, a move that concerned commercial rivals, branding it a ratings-driven move.

The BBC Trust has rejected the proposal, saying it has limited public value and cites a range of issues including a lack of distinctiveness, and that almost a quarter of UK households would need to upgrade TV equipment to receive the channel.

Ofcom’s market impact assessment concluded that a BBC1+1 channel would have a negative impact on commercial rivals, “capturing viewing share for the BBC at the expense of commercial channels and reducing the profitability, in particular, of ITV and Channel 5”.


  2 Responses to “BBC Trust rejects BBC One +1 channel”

  1. Hi, we are gradually losing channels on our Sky + HD box in Italy with messages “Not receiving satellite signal” or “This is the wrong veiwing card”. I realise we are outside the main footprint and that the bbc and itv have been taken away but can you please advise which card I should purchase. Thanks

    • BBC and ITV are free and require no card.
      No satellite signals probably means your dish is now too small to receive those channels where you are.
      Wrong card can mean three things – and you should not have to get a new card : you have had the power turned off on your sky box for about 4 weeks, and your card has gone into hibernation – leave it for 24 hours and see if it wakes up, if not contact sky to get the card woken up. 2) you are trying to watch the sky premium channels (Sky Sports, Sky Movies, Sky HD), and the card does not belong to that sky box – contact sky to get the card paired up to that box. c) you card has become unpaired to this box – it happens – so contact sky to get the card repaired (taking the measures to ensure sky do not know you are using the card outside the uk!)

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